Are you in transition? – Part 2 –

Are you in transition?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flying car
Photo of a flying car as imagined in the 1960’s

Two weeks ago I began a three-part series on the subject of transition. I introduced the topic by making reference to Terrafugia’s “transition” flying car. The “transition” has a mixture of car and airplane elements. Is this vehicle a transition between a modern car and a modern airplane? No, it is the transition point between in the car of yesteryear and the flying car that has yet to exist. No one knows what that flying car of the future will look like or what its characteristics will be. But to paraphrase Justice Stewart, we will know it when we see it. In this three part series, I will explore the concept of transition, identify its elements, and discuss strategies for making the most of each stage of transition. This week, I’ll deal primarily with the second stage of transition. Continue reading Are you in transition? – Part 2 –

Are you in Transition?

Terrafuggia's "The Transition" opening it's wings at an airport
Terrafuggia’s “The Transition”

On March 23, 2012, Terrafuggia took its latest prototype car to an airport in New York, drove it on to a runway, and for the first time, a car took flight. This idea has been around at least since 1968, when the movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” debuted in the UK. Terrafuggia’s car is aptly called The Transition. The name alludes to the fact that it is neither a traditional car nor airplane, but something in between.

Like this vehicle, there are times when our lives are neither what it once was, nor what it will be, but something in between. At times, our lives are in transition. Continue reading Are you in Transition?

Job Description Career Lingo: ‘Required’ versus ‘Preferred’ | Vitae

In the job search process, the job description, though ubiquitous, is often under utilized. As the author of this post reveals, the job post, at times, can be a window into the life of the organization.

Often, I advise clients in the job application process to harvest important keywords from the job description, and with a careful reading, to try to discern a little about the culture of the organization. Are titles and hierarchy important? Are they more action or relationship oriented? Some hints at these vital realities can be found in the job description.

Career Lingo: ‘Required’ versus ‘Preferred’ | Vitae.

Five Customer Service Lessons from a Fish Entrepreneur

If I were to reorganize the order of this list, it would go something like this:

1.    Do what you love.
2.    Know your competitive advantage.
3. Develop partnerships with trusted, reliable suppliers
4.    Know your customers by name.
5.    Provide personalized service.

The first two are the most difficult to settle, and perhaps, why a lot of people don’t go into business for themselves. If you don’t first know what you love, or what sort of competitive advantage you could bring to the marketplace; you can’t possibly Continue reading Five Customer Service Lessons from a Fish Entrepreneur

Why a strength based Coaching approach is dynamic.

I recently read a blog post that is quite popular on WordPress written by Kate from the statesHow I Afford to Travel… And You May Not Like What I’m Going To Say. It was pretty interesting and fun to read. She tells how she uses her personality strengths and a lot of wit to afford to work and travel abroad simultaneously.

The solution Kate devised for herself was unorthodox. You’ll have to read her post to decide if you agree. At very least, it was Continue reading Why a strength based Coaching approach is dynamic.